Focquet SA just sold a NEW HIGH VOLTAGE MOTOR 370kW 6000v 4P

18 March 2011

The Ets Charles Focquet have sold in March a new high-voltage motor again. This is an opportunity to remind you that we have this type of motors in stock. Both in NEW (2-4-6) and SECONDHAND all brands. Feel free to contact us for more information.

IE2 squirrel cage motors – removable feet squirrel cage motors – HV motors

14 March 2011

Our catalogue now includes three new product ranges - the IE2 squirrel cage motor and - a squirrel cage motor with removable feet for Terminal box on the right or on the left - and NEW HV MOTORS. Please feel free to ask us for more information or send us a Quotation request or contact us for [...]

Online catalog – Quotation request

7 March 2011

Dear visitors, you can now consult the "online catalog" of the products that we make available to you: Squirrel  cage Motors with cast iron or aluminum, IP23 or IP55, in IE1 or IE2 Slipring motors Single-phase motors DC motors. Documents with plans and technical data are available to you in PDF format to facilitate your choice.

New department

7 March 2011

Focquet & Co is pleased to let you know that we launched  a new departement : "DRIVES SOLUTION". Please feel free to contact us for any further information.