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The importance of energy efficiency

🔋 Saviez-vous que les moteurs consomment environ 40% de l’électricité utilisée dans le monde ?

🌟 By improving motor efficiency, we can play a vital role in slowing electricity consumption growth. Therefore, IE4 squirrel cage asynchronous motors, called “Super premium motors” according to the norm CEI/EN 60034-30.1, are a great solution, cutting energy bills while maintaining performance. IE4 standard energy losses are approximately about 15 % lower than those from IE3, making them an excellent choice for any industrial application.

📢 At Focquet we recognize the importance of energy efficiency, and we’re happy to share that we’re putting more and more IE4 efficient motors in stock, to provide high-efficiency motors to help our customers reduce their energy consumption and costs. On top, we also propose variable speed drives that can help clients to control their energy use without compromising performance or production efficiency.

💡 Contact us today to learn more about how our IE4 motors and/or variable speed drive technologies can benefit your business!

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