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AC induction motors

IP23 Open ventilated

Discover our IP23 open ventilated low voltage motors (ODP), a good option for customers looking for compact, smaller motors than IP55. These motors feature a reduced frame size, making them particularly suitable for a variety of applications.

They are specially designed for use in clean environments, such as the manufacture of plastic bottles for beverages, or cold compressors used in food freezing. Opt for the ODP solution and benefit from optimum performance in demanding sectors.

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IP23 Open ventilated motors

Code : MOV


Protection class

Protection IP23

Heating class

Class B


Stored in 230/400V – 400/690V
Other special voltages on request


Operating at 50/60hz

Insulation class

Class F
Class H on request


3000 rpm – 1500 rpm – 1000 rpm – 750 rpm


IE3 – IE4
The specific percentage yields are indicated on each data sheet.

Number of poles

2P – 4P – 6P 



Mounting type

B3 – B5 – V1 – B35 – V15

  • All standard motors are equipped with PTC sensors
  • Motors are equipped with an insulated bearing for use with a variable speed drive. The bearing is designed to eliminate circulating currents in the rotor.
  • Provided with two ball bearings
Possible modifications
  • Mounting form adaptation: B3, B5, V1,B35, V15
  • Particular probes
  • Drain holes
  • Heating resistors
  • Umbrella covers
  • Forced ventilation IC06
  • Specific paint (Epoxy, C3M, C5M)
  • Insulated bearings
  • Asynchronous generator option


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