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Rental of motors and transformers for emergencies

We also offer industrial electrical equipment for rent (with or without purchase option). Often called in urgently by companies needing an immediate breakdown, we must be able to meet this requirement.

Thanks to our experience, we have been able to organize ourselves over time to ensure the availability of a large stock of motors and transformers ready to be set up in the shortest possible time by our specialized teams.

Several hundred motors and transformers are available in our stock and can be rented for a certain period of time.

The rental of electrical equipment is often a fast and efficient solution for our customers who are waiting for a new machine or for the repair of their current machine, but also in the case of a technical failure which must be solved as soon as possible.

The rental of our motors and transformers ensures our customers the continuity of their current activities and avoids a prejudicial temporary stop of their factory.

In addition, leasing offers the advantage of investment savings.


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A large stock of motors is available to meet our customers’ needs and ensure maximum flexibility.
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Our team of experts modifies our engines according to our customers’ specifications and needs, whether for short- or long-term projects.
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Our motors and transformers are available for rental to provide a quick, low-cost troubleshooting solution.
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We offer a variety of delivery options, including standard delivery in 24-72 hours and express delivery in less than 24 hours, to meet your urgent requirements.
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