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A modification according to your needs

Our workshop and our experienced team also allow us to provide an efficient service for the customization of our engines, i.e. their modification so that they perfectly meet your specific needs. Focquet offers tailor-made solutions to its customers, whether for short term or long term projects.

Focquet offers tailor-made solutions to its customers, whether for short term or long term projects.


Types of modifications

Type of mounting

In line with your requirements, our motors can be adapted to your desired mounting form: B3, B5, B35, B14, B34, V1, V15. Our extensive stock of flanges enables us to modify your motors quickly. We can also offer special flanges, adapted to your specific design.

Increased ambient temperature

We can equip your motor to withstand more severe climatic conditions, i.e. higher ambient temperatures up to 60°C. As standard, our motors are equipped to resist ambient temperatures from -20°C to 40°C.

IP Protection class

For applications in dusty and humid environments, we recommend a higher IP protection level. Our standard motors feature IP55 protection to DIN EN 60529. In addition, we offer the option of equipping our motors with IP 56 and 65 protection.

Forced cooling

Our motors are fitted with a plastic or aluminum fan, guaranteeing motor cooling independent of the motor's direction of rotation (type IC411). For VSD applications with constant torque and low speed, we can install forced ventilation to guarantee optimum cooling (type IC416).

Bearing changes

Our motors are fitted with high-quality ball bearings. NU bearings are our standard from size 315 upwards (except 2P), with grease nipple. Bearing types are listed in our catalogs and data sheets. Other bearing types (NU/Isolated/Ball bearings/Solid cage) can be installed on your motors, depending on the application and permissible axial and radial loads.


Our standard motors come with a C2 coating. We also offer other thickness options: C3, C5 or C5 marine. Our paint cabin also enables us to produce other RAL colors, as well as epoxy or polyurethane paint types.

Motor protections

Several thermal protection solutions are available to secure your motors. As standard, our motors above size 80 are equipped with 3 x PTC 150°C windings. PT100, PTO, PTC Bearings, PT1000 can also be added, depending on your requirements.

Anti-condensation heating system

An anti-condensation heater can be added to prevent condensation inside the motor when it is not in use. This option is recommended in humid environments or with high temperature fluctuations.

Changes of fixing dimensions

If the mounting dimensions of our standard motors do not meet your requirements, adaptations can be made on request.

Atex Zone 22

Our standard motors can be adapted to comply with Zone 22 (Z22 II 3D Ex tc IIIB T125°C). These motors are generally installed in hazardous areas. A metal fan is also installed to guarantee Zone 22 compliance.

Mechanical design

Mechanical modifications such as an umbrella cover for a vertical engine or a second shaft end can be added as required.

Shaft modification

We can reduce the diameter and length of the motor shaft to suit your needs.

Vibration monitoring

A sensor to monitor motor vibration can be added. The SPM pad is standard from size 315 upwards.

Tropical insulation

Special insulation can be provided to guarantee winding resistance in humid environments.

Rotor equilibration

We can offer a rotor balancing service to reduce vibrations if the motor is operating at overspeed.

Specific demands

Don't hesitate to contact us if the modification you're looking for isn't listed here. Our technical team will be happy to help you find the best solution.

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A large stock of motors is available to meet our customers’ needs and ensure maximum flexibility.
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Our team of experts modifies our engines according to our customers’ specifications and needs, whether for short- or long-term projects.
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Our motors and transformers are available for rental to provide a quick, low-cost troubleshooting solution.
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We offer a variety of delivery options, including standard delivery in 24-72 hours and express delivery in less than 24 hours, to meet your urgent requirements.
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