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30 October 2014|

New partner for pumps: EFAFLU

As you know, a department which focuses mainly on pumps and their repairs was founded in 2003. We have very experienced people in this field. We announce that since April 2013, we are also active [...]

17 October 2013|

News July 2013

You will find in the pdf file below the details of the latest news: New engineer: Bram Smolders Sales at Focquet Even bigger motors A new 5500m² factory is under construction and will be completed by Sept [...]

2 August 2013|

Message of our CEO

"Sir, We would like to announce that Mr. Charles-François Focquet, which by my side exercised the position of Managing Director at "sa Ets Ch. Focquet & Cie SA» has decided to retire after 38 years [...]

21 July 2012|

IP23 – IE2

We are pleased to let you know that our new IP23 - IE2 low voltage squirrel cage induction motors are finally available in our stock in Vilvoorde. They are available from size 160 up to 315 [...]

17 June 2012|

Important new project in May 2012

As part of a project drive blowers - dynamic radial compressors, Focquet delivered  66 cage induction motors low voltage cast iron frame – 2€C - 90kW - 3000RPM - size: 280mm, to a worldwide OEM [...]

17 June 2012|

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