Focquet is active in all sectors relating to electrically driven industrial power equipment. Four core departments are at the center of our activities: electric motorstransformerspower electronics and pumps. This last pumps-based department was created in 2005. Our activities within these departments focus mainly on the purchase, the transformation (reparation, reconditioning, customization), the distribution and on the rent of  electric industrial power equipment.


A large stock of electric motors :

Our extensive stock, the largest one available in Belgium, enables us to respond rapidly to orders for new (90% of our stock) or second-hand (10%) equipment.


A large part of this stock is made up of new material, notably electric motors stamped with our two brands: 2€C (European Electric Company) or Focquet. These products are sold under warranty and can be customized according to your needs. 


These products offer the advantage of a very competitive price and extremely short delivery times. All our second-hand equipment is guaranteed for 12 months (like our new equipment) and is subjected, after reconditioning, to an important series of tests guaranteeing its good working order before being repainted and sent to the customer.

In addition to electric motors, our inventory also includes transformerspower electronicspumps and gear motors.

For more information about our products, visit the product page.

H, the maximum response time for incoming requests
Problems solved in less than 24 hours (incl. South of France)
Highly qualified people in the field of motors

A modification according to your needs :

Our workshop and our experienced team also allow us to provide an efficient service for the customization of our engines, i.e. their modification so that they perfectly meet your specific needs. Focquet offers tailor-made solutions to its customers, whether for short term or long term projects.

These modifications can be done at the level of :

  • Desired method of assembly

  • The use and/or application of the motor

  • The installation of specific equipment such as: an insulated bearing, a NU bearing (rollers), a forced ventilation, a tachometric dynamo, an incremental encoder, protection probes, etc.

  • The paint

Our decades of expertise in the field of electric motors and their special features have made Focquet a leader in the field.

          moteurs électriques - équipement industriel électrique Focquet         Moteurs électriques Focquet - peinture

Rental of motors to meet emergencies:

We also offer industrial electrical equipment for rent (with or without purchase option). Often called in urgently by companies needing an immediate breakdown, we must be able to meet this requirement. Thanks to our experience, we have been able to organize ourselves over time to ensure the availability of a large stock of motors and transformers ready to be set up in the shortest possible time by our specialized teams. Several hundred motors and transformers are available in our stock and can be rented for a certain period of time. The rental of electrical equipment is often a fast and efficient solution for our customers who are waiting for a new machine or for the repair of their current machine, but also in the case of a technical failure which must be solved as soon as possible. The rental of our motors and transformers ensures our customers the continuity of their current activities and avoids a prejudicial temporary stop of their factory. In addition, leasing offers the advantage of investment savings.


Various modes of transportation according to your needs:

Finally, we can suggest different modes of transport to ensure a delivery within the time required by our customers.

  • In case of emergency, an Express solution can be considered with a delivery by taxi-package everywhere in Europe and by plane, outside Europe. This option allows for the immediate departure of the material to its recipient, anywhere in the world, without stopping.
  • For a more flexible delivery time, we work mainly for the Benelux market with national carriers.

For the material destined for France, we work in partnership with carriers offering two types of transport

  • either a normal transport, with delivery within 3 to 4 days depending on the delivery address
  • or the Garantissimo which allows a delivery within 24 to 48 hours.

We also take care of the transport requiring the loading of the material on boat or plane.

We support your needs with a team of highly qualified and trained professionals offering fast, flexible, reliable and quality solutions. These four assets are the key factors of our success. Over the years, they have allowed us to acquire a large clientele and to establish privileged relationships of trust. In addition, we focus on a workforce that offers personal and direct advice before/during and after the purchase/rental of electrical equipment. This personal contact is essential for us to understand our customers’ needs and to offer them appropriate solutions.

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