We offer electric motors of high quality that can be used for various industrial applications. Our considerable stock allows us to meet your needs in a record time. We also offer the possibility of adapting our motors to your specific needs to comply with your desired method of assembly or use, or by installing special equipment. 































FOCQUET 2EC motors are designed and manufactured according to IEC/EN 60034-1, IEC/EN 60034-2-1, IEC/EN 60034-30, IEC 60034-8, IEC 60034-12, IEC 60072, IEC/EN 60034-5, IEC/EN 60034-6, IEC/EN 60034-7, IEC/EN 60034-9, IEC 60034-14 standards. For more technical information, check out our catalogs or contact us directly.




All FOCQUET 2EC motors are built for S1 service and comply with the various norms in force (IE1, IE2, IE3). IE3 motors save energy and reduce operational costs. The motors are available in a wide voltage range up to 690V and available for 60 and 50Hz. In order to ensure a long service life, the windings are made with the latest generation of Class F insulation components and the motors have a temperature rise limited to Class B as standard. Engines can be used in severe and aggressive environments. They have been developed for long and intensive use. They have an effective protection against corrosion.


  • Efficiency IE1/IE2/IE3/IE4


  • From 230V to 690V

  • Available in 50 & 60Hz


  • Insulation class F (T° rise limited to class B)

  • Protection against corrosion


  • Resistant to severe/aggressive environments 



All our motors have a square frame compact and robust construction. A modular design allows a wide flexibility of assembly forms. The motors have a laminated frame, which allows high currents. An insulation system, which has a class higher than class F, ensures a longer service life of the motors. They have a range suitable for a wide field of application. The motors comply with the international requirements 34-1. The following conditions apply: continuous service S1 and direct current supply fully controlled by the variable speed drive.


  • Protection IP23


  • Heating to class F


  • In 12-24-48-220-440V 

  • Cast Iron


  • Up to 800kW


  • B3/ B35/ B5

  • Insulation class H


  • Cooling IC06


  • Size 100 – 355

  • Depending on the application, the motors can be equipped with IC0666 air exchanger or ICW81 water air exchanger
  • Predisposition for encoder or tachometric dynamo mounting 20 or 40 or 60V/1000T
  • On request, the motors can be custom built to fit in place of existing motors



We also offer second-hand engines directly from our stock. These motors are a fast and efficient solution that allows us to help you out by offering short delays for sale or rent with or without purchase option and this at an extremely interesting price. On top, this promotes a circular economy consumption.

These motors with squirrel cages, sliprings or direct current are revised and tested in our workshops to ensure you an optimal service. They are delivered with a 12 months warranty. Our stock offers used motors with power ranging from 15kW to 5MW.


  • From 15kW to 5MW
  • With or without purchase option
  • 12 months warranty 



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